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Lions Mane is one of our best selling supplements and for good reason. It is a nootropic (brain booster) that is known for it’s cognitive enhancement and nerve repair.*

Lions Mane has a long proven history. It has been used in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine for centuries. In fact it use to be reserved only for royalty.

Lions Mane may help you focus longer, improve your mental speed and improve productivity.*

We process more information than ever in recorded human history. Step up your mental capacity in the gym, in the classroom, on the field and in the work place with Lions Mane Mushroom. This is the cognitive upgrade you’ve been looking for.

Lion mane mushrooms capsules for sale near me

The study will look at the effects of microdoses of psilocybin on those suffering from low-grade anxiety and depression, as well as those suffering from persistent depressive illness.

This is the first initiative of its kind in Canada. Late in December, Farb and his colleagues gained approval from Health Canada.

Why this trend? – shrooms capsules for sale near me

They also contain psilocybin, a hallucinogenic chemical. The most well-known psychedelic effects begin after a full dose, or ten times that amount.

Between 2018 and 2020, stories in the New York Times and Forbes magazine popularized microdosing.

Discussions on the matter have never been more vibrant on social media. Since 2018, the number of Reddit forum subscribers to this topic has surged sevenfold.

It literally saved my life.

Mike Brodeur can now wander the streets of Calgary with confidence. It’s where he started his professional hockey career as a goaltender.

A concussion ended his NHL career with the Ottawa Senators in 2010.

Despite pain relievers and antidepressants, he struggled to recuperate.

“I stayed in my bed for hours.” I couldn’t make sense of what was going on. “I was in a hopeless place,” he recounted.

Brodeur then came upon psilocybin microdosing on the internet. He now incorporates the technique into his daily routine.

“Monday through Friday, I take my pill with my coffee when I get up. It provides me energy, focus, problem-solving skills, and a better view of the future.

24 reviews for Lions Mane capsules

  1. Ryan

    Not sure yet

  2. Jen

    Great clarity

  3. Parry

    product is ok

  4. Rachael

    Always great

  5. Alex

    Really felt a difference with these. I notice flashbacks in memory, to random moments which shows me what the mind is holding onto.

  6. Derrick

    I’ve been using micro dosing for 2 years now and it definitely saved my life!!! I used to be very emotional few days before my periods and lots of mood swings and since I’m taking microdosing I don’t experience that anymore!!! I tried a few kinds but the best one for me is discover from jeanneret botanical!!

  7. Jamie G.

    Love these capsules! They really help boost my mood.

  8. Martin

    Wonderful too !! Easy and nice 🙂

  9. Gerard

    Very energetic

  10. Duane T

    Recently quit anti-depressants and gave this a try. Absolutely AMAZING. No nasty side effects like big pharmas, just happy and open. Will try again!

  11. Paul

    Works as described

  12. Brillian

    Good support

  13. Judi M

    I little of a stronger Mico but still fine to take on a normal day and function fine

  14. Raymond L

    Great energy. It would be amazing to find the right dosing to allow for some euphoric feelings

  15. Tyler B

    This product does everything it’s promised to do. Keeps my energy up and my mind organized and clear through some very demanding and very fast paced days

  16. Adrian

    exactly what I wanted

  17. SARAH R.


  18. Louise D

    I take one a day. Helps me relax

  19. admin

    To be fair, I’ve only used this once. I need to try it more to see what the effects really are

  20. admin

    Seems to actually be effective. I feel it!

  21. admin

    Really nice product 🙂 thanks a lot !!

  22. admin

    Has worked but sometimes has the opposite affect of what i’m going for, where I feel too many emotions? So I am careful about taking this one.

  23. admin

    Need to take 3 to feel anything.

  24. admin


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