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Cordyceps mushrooms capsules for sale Colorado.

Cordyceps may be the most intriguing supplement on the planet. It is a Superfood, an Adaptogen, and an AMPK Activator.

To say the least, its climb to fame is remarkable. After the 1993 Olympics, Ma Junren, the coach of the Chinese track team, indicated that Cordyceps’ performance enhancing advantages were responsible for the track team’s record-breaking times. The most significant time was set by Wang Junxia, who set a 10,000m record that held until 2016.

We live in a dog-eat-dog world with no time for exhaustion. Cordyceps may be the missing component you’re looking for to boost your energy and stamina.

Directions | Cordyceps mushrooms capsules for sale Colorado.

Adults take 1-2 capsules, twice daily.


30% Beta-D-Glucans
Hot Water Extract
Made of Cordyceps Militaris Fruiting Bodies
Wood Grown

Cordyceps Benefits.

Supports Enegy Levels*
Helps with Stamina*
May assist with Asthma Symptoms*
Supports the Immune System*

15 reviews for Cordyceps capsules

  1. Shanice Namaste

    I like these better for me than the a Spore Wellness.

  2. Ballerta Pangcatan

    Fantastic product. Thank you.

  3. Karen Leo

    Only tried 1 so far. Felt good, not high

  4. Vincent

    No effect

  5. David Beaunoyer

    Haven’t tried yet

  6. Szenty

    Not sure if I’m feeling any difference after 2 weeks of using it. Next time I might try a stronger product

  7. glanson

    I can’t feel a difference yet. I hope I will notice something next time I take one capsule. It’ just been one week.

  8. Alssinna

    Nice buzz with 2-3 capsules. Clean high. Will try again.

  9. Tyla

    Best product I highly recommend it’s safe, effective & doesn’t alter your ability to work or drive. It just sets you free from that which is gripping your Soul.

  10. James Douglas

    Perfect for microdosing

  11. Daphne Sun

    Helps with lifting the day.

  12. Zachary Gosselin

    I’ve been taking 2 of these every other day for 3 weeks and they are awesome. The only real tell I get is my gut neurons lighting up, but everything is a little better. I do the cat box instead of walking by… I just get tons more done and the music any music is just that little bit more enjoyable!

  13. Lewis

    I had to take a high number (7) of pills and still didn’t have any effect. But my husband felt an effect after only 2 pills.

  14. Cameron Bright

    Seems overpriced

  15. Benny McCoy

    First I took 1 pill — nothing!, then I took 2 pills — nothing — then 3 pills — nothing! then 4 pills — nothing! ?? I mean, no-thing at all.

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