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buy Hillbilly shrooms online Fort Carson CO.  Hillbilly Cubensis is a cultivated strain of the well-known hallucinogenic fungus Psilocybe cubensis. While it was discovered growing wild in the American South, it is said to grow wild practically anywhere Psilocybe cubensis can.

Hillbilly is not a new strain, and it did fall out of favor for a while, but it appears to be making a comeback.

Identification & Description | buy magic mushroom online.

Hillbilly shrooms online buy Colorado. Hillbilly resembles most cubes, with the exception of a slightly smaller top that is a bright orange at the center.

Because this kind grows in the wild, psychonauts may try to scavenge some for themselves. Beginners should be aware that Hillbilly, like virtually other magic mushrooms, has a close resemblance in the aptly named Deadly Galerina. They don’t seem identical, but even someone who is accustomed with magic mushrooms in the hand or in a fruiting chamber would not notice the difference. To notice the proper details, you need foraging experience as well as a personal dedication to prevent complacency.

Look-Alikes  | Colorado mushroom sale| buying magic mushrooms online Welby CO.

Most cubes look very much alike, and with good reason—they are all the same species. Hillbilly is a bit more orange than most, but it’s basically a typical cube, not like, say, the truly odd-looking APE. Fortunately, mistaking one cube for another is not really a serious mistake.

Other psilocybin mushroom species, especially those in the Psilocybe genus, mostly also look similar, though few have the orange color.

Finally, all these species come under the heading of LBM (“little brown mushroom”), a large group of mostly-unrelated mushrooms that are similar enough to easily confuse the unwary. It’s not that they all look identical—they don’t—it’s that the overall impression is very much the same, so if you aren’t paying attention and just think “oh, that looks about right,” you could be very wrong. Some LBMs are good to eat simply as food but some, as mentioned already, will kill people who eat them.

The Trip Effects Hillbilly Shrooms in Greenwood Village.

The effects of Hillbilly shroom are similar to those of any other cube: altered mood, cognitive style, and perception, with hallucinations at greater doses. These variances are usually enjoyable. They aren’t always, but there are steps you can do to increase your chances of having a positive experience—and even a “bad trip” can be spiritually beneficial if you know how to let go and work with it. Users remark that the Hillbilly high is kinder and friendlier than usual, with more laughter and fewer visuals than other strains at a same amount. It is occasionally recommended as a suitable beginner’s magic mushroom.

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 The strain you use is generally unimportant.

Colorado mushroom sale. It’s important to note, however, that psilocybin has affects other than the trip itself—physical side effects like excessive yawning and nausea are typical. More significant side effects are less likely, but still possible. Psilocybin is a relatively low-risk mind-altering chemical, but it is important to understand the hazards and take appropriate measures.

Hillbilly is generally considered of moderate potency, for a cube, though it is debatable how much different strains of the same species actually vary—yes, two trips can be very different from each other, but that is at least partly due to variation from mushroom to mushroom even within the same strain.

This variation makes dosing difficult. Although it’s possible to find dosing guidelines, they can only ever be approximate. A much better approach is to take a small about and then add more if you want, once you find out how strong that particular batch is.

You could also try our Magic Mushroom Dosage calculator.

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    My favorite variety of Cubensis so far!! so clean and so helpful with my anxiety…

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    I absolutely love hillbilly strain.

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