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Blue Meanie Cubensis Security Field CO.

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buying mushrooms online Windsor.  The term “Blue Meanie” refers to at least two distinct mushrooms. One is a Psilocybe cubensis strain. For starters, Panaeolus cyanescens is significantly more effective and hence necessitates different dose instructions.

Blue meanie shrooms for sale Northglenn Co.  Blue Meanie, obtained from Australia, is likely to be one of the former. It does bruise bluish when handled, but it’s not very mean (or Meanie-like, as those who have watched the film Yellow Submarine may understand).

can you buy magic mushrooms online.

It’s debatable whether different strains cause distinct types of trips. Trip experiences vary greatly, although this is due in part to differences in the biochemistry of the users, as well as the details of their set and setting. Some argue that a cube is a cube, and that while the strains differ in strength, their trips have no consistent, discernible property other than their identification as Psilocybe cubensis.

How to consume blue meanie shrooms Colorado. Psilocybe mushrooms are relatively safe to take (and a favorite for microdosing), but they are not risk-free. Most users experience at least some nausea with their trip, and more significant side effects, some of them serious, are possible. Responsible users pay attention to safety, increase dosage cautiously, and have a sober friend on hand to deal with any practical matters that may come up or to help cope with any physical or psychological issues in case the trip does not go as planned.

The Effects Of Blue Meanie mushrooms Online Dakota Ridge.

The trip normally begins 45 minutes to an hour after consumption, but because the effects might last for some time, users are recommended not to take any more until at least three hours after the first dose. Trips can last between four and five hours.

The Dosage of Blue Meanie Shrooms Ken Cary CO.

can you buy magic mushrooms online.  Sellers sometimes suggest dose sizes (for example, one gram, in the case of Blue Meanie), but really it’s not that simple. Is the user a newbie who wants a very light, introductory dose? An old hand who wants to get as high as possible? A microdoser? And is the mushroom dry or fresh (fresh includes a lot of water-weight, so the dose will be bigger)? Is the user big or little?

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70 reviews for Blue Meanie Mushrooms

  1. Karen Card

    Not as potent as I would have liked for the price.

  2. Marje Brown

    Taking it easy and starting slow. Great vibe. Another great quality product I decided to try!!

  3. Sophie Louise

    Pretty mild, would be good for a first timer. At the peak some good visuals but pretty mellow buzz and clear mind.

  4. Mary Leddington

    A very different mushroom from previous experiences. Much more serious and emotional. Of course, can’t say it is due to the mushroom itself, and perhaps more due to my emotional state prior to dosing, but a very meaningful experience thus far.

  5. Christopher Kirby

    solid quality, fast delivery…happy.

  6. Tristan Barber

    Smooth, but a bit too smooth. A bit weak. Did not feel much with 3,5g. I did add another 1g GT and still, it felt like just a low buzz.

  7. Tristan Barber

    Excellent strain

  8. Ion DeZion

    Was expecting a more intense high – the peek only seemed to pass quickly. But a great experience none the less.

  9. Laura Patricia

    Always happy with product and shipping 🤟

  10. Kathleen Marson

    Nice quality, potent shrooms: they’ll take you there.

  11. Matt Black

    My first ones tried, but were absolutely amazing and high quality. Will try these again, and others in time.

  12. Warren Clayton

    WOOOOOOOO! … ’nuff said.

  13. Zack Crown

    My fave. Awesome cognitive enhancement.

  14. Logan Madison

    Tripped balls

  15. Patricia Jones

    Found them to be a little weaker than normal. But still very good

  16. Logan Madison

    Nice ride.. good potency
    Very happy with my purchase

  17. Aimee Simpson

    I’m looking forward to ordering again

  18. Mhsod Ruthy Lizzie

    Awesome if you take the right dose. I am a recreational user at 140lbs. Visuals were intense and senses heightened on 2g’s. No visuals on 1 g for me but still felt great.
    Customer service recommended them to me and I would recommend them to you.

  19. Ethan Tope

    My first mush I have tried from this site. They were recommended by a friend and I was gifted a sample to try early on, which led to this purchase. Fantastic and emotional experience each time and very nice to micro-dose as well as macro-dose. Potent too! Very happy, will purchase again and again. I will say though, typical gross mush taste haha.

  20. Eleni Gregoriou

    one of my favorite mushroom

  21. Beverly Crown

    I love those. I get really comfortable when eating those

  22. Eleni Gregoriou

    Never disappoints

  23. LIndie Mac

    Top fuel ,great quality

  24. Kylie Kimbell

    I haven’t tried these ones yet

  25. Yvonne Wood

    Super strong. Great for introspective night in!

  26. Yvonne Wood

    These are my favorite, will be ordering again this weekend

  27. Kylie Kimbell

    Best high ever giggles for hours haha

  28. Trish Kilmurray

    Very intense, came on fast geometric patterns. About 4-5 hour and was over. I did 2.5

  29. Ddale Tanner

    Generally, have always had a good time on these

  30. Catherine Black

    Not too bad

  31. Emily Kirby

    I’m on SSRI’s so I can’t really rate the product. I would have to take 3 times the dosage.

  32. Sam Halford

    Amazing! Loved this strain, best feeling

  33. Quinnlynn Ayers

    Didn’t try cuz I had a question which wasn’t answered right away, and I didn’t want to risk trying at a wedding cuz I’ve never had it before. By the time the wedding was over I wasn’t sure if the Blue Meanies were still good

  34. Erzsébet Szalkai


  35. Quinnlynn Ayers

    I was very pleased with their effects and strenght. Probably the strongest I have bought so far. I got the blue meanies. I would say they are quite potent. With maybe 1-1.5 grams ish I started getting visuals. I’ve bought some before that I had to eat 3 grams and was still very mild. will defo be ordering again! many thanks!

  36. Erzsébet Szalkai


  37. Matthew King

    Effects didn’t last as long as I thought

  38. Krys Rae

    Great psilocybe shop near me, good and fast delivery agent!

  39. admin

    These are great!

  40. admin

    I think this sort wasn’t for me – the effects were much more mental, and procured no clarity/happiness afterwards. Try if you’d like if you desire more focus on mental effects.

  41. admin

    Great product. Well packaged. Nicely balanced. Would buy again

  42. admin

    dissapointing. no visuals.

  43. admin

    They do exactly what I need them to( mind at ease and great for colours)

  44. admin

    I have taken plenty of mushrooms in my life. I have to say I am very disappointed with this as the effects seem very muted.

    Physically, the mushrooms were very brittle and broke Apart easily. Had a very different feel than what I’m used to.

  45. admin

    Mind bending, literally

  46. admin

    Some of the craziest visual I’ve ever had

  47. admin


  48. admin

    Nice product will buy again

  49. admin

    Don’t know yet…but really it’s Blue Meanies

  50. admin

    still have yet to finish this journey , for now its a 3 lol im sure im gonna regret that but the mush will learn me lol

  51. admin

    Super potent

  52. admin

    Good stuff

  53. admin

    Amazing happy feels, these are my favorite.

  54. admin

    Best trip of my life! I swear if everyone in the world tripped on these babies today we would achieve world peace by tomorrow.

  55. admin

    Such a great mushroom!! Oddly enough near the end of trip had the munchies like crazy!! Never felt good to eat much while tripping and would normally feel slightly nauseous but with these Blue Meanies, it is so enjoyable and have had no nauseating feeling! Over all very impressed and is a must to try!

    A few things I noticed
    My palms got a little sweaty
    I could sleep after!
    Felt cognitive and euphoric with a bit of light tracing
    Developed a real thirst and felt like water couldn’t solve it but something like a Pazzaz apple that is compact with thirst quenching capabilities was able to do the job just right!

    So keep some apples near by

  56. admin

    I love you

  57. admin

    They make me
    Laugh so much ! I only take micro doses for fun

  58. Paul Hawkins

    My hopes were up on this one. But for me it didn’t hit my expectations. Nice and relaxing but I wanted to have more visuals.

  59. admin

    These were a good time!

  60. admin

    I found these to be on the mild side but was still an alright experience

  61. admin

    Very clean buzz with lots of visuals. Did a 4g trip….. Best ever , beautiful visuals like your eyes are closed but were fully open. Cheers guys.

  62. admin

    A bit pricey

  63. admin

    Unreal. The best of the best of the best 🙂 I was dying of laughter having an unreal trip.

  64. admin

    Yes I like this one wish I can get more of it if there’s a good deal then let me know

  65. admin

    These are better than anything I’ve found in the GTA, helped my wife and I reconnect after a pending divorce problem. Very spiritual and definitely worth it. Recommend mixing 2 grams of blue meanies PB with 2 grams Jedi Mind Fuck PB , an experience that was on the next level.

  66. admin

    Absolutely loved these ones

  67. admin

    Very blue! Had a great time, don’t need much! I shared with multiple friends and still have leftover.

  68. admin

    OMG, yeah hit me like a train…in a good way. Definitely delivers!

  69. admin

    Okay, so It took a couple more grams then I thought it would, but my hand to god, the visuals were mf magical. And I can’t stress this enough, SUCH a clean high. Zero gut rot, and honestly, didn’t even taste that bad. I was impressed.

  70. admin

    Fuckin dope G

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