Costa Rican Cubensis

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Costa Rican Cubensis Shrooms in Montrose CO.

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Costa rican shrooms for sale Louisville.  Costa Rican cubensis is a naturally occurring cultivated variety of Psilocybe cubensis. Although Costa Rica is a tropical country, this variation was discovered at a high elevation and is adapted to lower temperatures, which gardeners should be aware of. Although the strain’s spores are widely available, non-commercial sources of information on it are scarce.

Costa Rica cubensis mushrooms are dark in color and distinguished by a thick secondary veil that rips away from the stem at maturity, leaving veil remains on the cap rather than the stem.

The Effects of Costa Rican – can I buy magic mushrooms online.

Psilocybin induces mood changes (typically euphoria), alterations in cognitive patterns (often including major personal or spiritual revelations), and hallucinations at larger doses. The effects start approximately a half-hour after ingestion and usually continue six to eight hours, however prolonged highs are possible. In general, different strains of Psilocybe cubensis differ only in strength, not in effects, however some users believe that the quality of the high or the appearance of the hallucinations differ as well. However, there are few precise claims about the Costa Rican strain’s effects.

The Potency of shroom costa Rican – can I buy magic mushrooms online.

Most users describe the Costa Rican strain as low-potency, meaning it’s a good option for beginners or for micro-dosers.

Note that it IS possible to get an intense experience from any psilocybin mushroom, it’s just necessary to  take more to get there

The Dosage Of costa Rican Mushrooms in Golden, CO.

A Many people recognize three to five dosage categories, from microdose (which is only mildly mind-altering and not hallucinogenic), to beginner (mildly hallucinogenic), all the way up to “heroic” doses—those cause temporary disintegration of the self, a terrifying experience for those not ready for it. All categories are available from any psilocybin mushroom, it’s just that with a low-potency variety such as the Costa Rican strain, the doses have to be a little larger.

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31 reviews for Costa Rican Cubensis

  1. Peter huk

    Fantastic experience! Good quality product 👌

  2. Ashley

    Very good strain

  3. Timothy B

    These are great for beginners and all others. Nice clean cozy buzz. I recommend eating 2 gs.
    Thanks guys!

  4. Amatto

    Took the whole 3.5, just a small effect. Not very potent at all

  5. Keats.


  6. Mary

    Definitely a great high, experienced light visuals / tracers, and a nice body high!

  7. Alicia

    Didn’t feel much nor did it affect me mentally. Just felt less anxious.

  8. Steve


  9. admin

    If there could be ten stars, that would be it

  10. Jerome

    Great quality. I have a very introspective journey that illuminated a great deal of myself. Highly recommend.

  11. Paul Raul


  12. McLaughlin

    Hoping for more hallucinating qualitys. Perhaps you could point me in the right direction for that!?

  13. admin

    I didn’t try them yet. I’ve been buying 3.5’s and with that lower amount I can’t get as high and my friends can’t get the same trip

  14. admin

    Pretty good quality experience

  15. admin

    Very nice

  16. admin

    Excellent product

  17. admin

    Gentle power.

  18. admin

    I did these alone and I was able to have some relaxing, reflection time to connect to myself.

  19. admin

    Worked very well.

  20. admin

    Good trip 👍🏽

  21. admin

    Second time with this strain great experience

  22. admin

    My all time fav!!

  23. admin

    Mystical buzz

  24. admin

    Pretty good stuff

  25. admin

    Light and fun!

  26. admin

    Loved these

  27. admin

    Costa Rican

  28. Jordan

    Hoping for more hallucinating qualities. Perhaps you could point me in the right direction for that!?

  29. Malachi

    Yup, just like I remember from the good old days. Did this stuff really just come in the mail? Man, times have changed.

  30. Lewis B

    My bad , I thought it was stronger! But it gave me exactly what the description has said!

  31. Robert

    Super fun! A real lift after a crappy day. Beautiful.

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