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Thrasher magic mushies for sale online in Colorado.


Buy Thrasher Magic Mushrooms in Fort Lupton Colorado. Thrasher mushrooms are a subspecies of Melmacs, which are in turn a subspecies of Penis Envy. They are not well known—a list of a hundred or so popular Psilocybin cubensis strains might not contain them—but they are a favorite among some users.

Identification & Description – where can I buy magic mushrooms CO.

buying thrasher mushrooms online, Thrashers feature a robust stem and a smallish, but meaty top; they are not as phallic as Penis Envy (very anything is, other than actual penises), but they are far more so than Melmacs. Their pale stems (sometimes with bluish bruises) and light brown crowns indicate that their colour, if not morphology, is quite typical for their species.

Look-Alikes – Psychedelic.

Thrasher is one of the few cubes that has a really distinct look. Not much resembles it, except some of the other PE variants.

Trip Effects – buy magic mushroom online in Trinidad colorado.

Thrasher has a reputation for being extremely visual, but otherwise only moderately potent. That is, you’ll see more but be less high than you would on another strain at a similar dose. But the fact is that even within a strain, mushrooms vary significantly, meaning that there is a lot of biochemical overlap between strains—and in any case the dosage and the user’s set, setting, and personal biochemistry have far more to do with the quality of a given trip than the choice of strain does.

So, Thrasher, just like other cubes (and most psilocybin mushrooms in general) causes variations in thought-pattern, mood, and perception. Ideally, that means profound insights, euphoria and a sense of connectedness, and some entertaining visuals (although very low doses might not change perception much, if at all). Rare but possible are freaky, unpleasant experiences and horrible anxiety, but there are steps users can take to avoid that, and an experienced psychonaut can learn a great deal from even a “bad” trip.

Besides psychological effects, psilocybin also does other things to the body, most of them benign (or possibly even helpful), but some side-effects are unpleasant, such as nausea. Serious, even dangerous, side-effects are rare but possible, especially on higher doses.


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36 reviews for Thrasher Mushrooms

  1. Danette Saunders

    First timer… what a trip!


    I tried those for my first experience with psychedelics and had a profound sense of bliss and amazing visuals which I loved (I did see clowns, so did my friend). Not sure if everyone trips the same on the same variety, but mine felt really digital, the visuals were bright, colourful and forever morphing, some sounds were skipping and seemed digitized at a lower resolution.
    Tried Golden Teachers following those and didn’t get intense visuals the way I did with Thrasher. These cost a little more, but I am definitely coming back to them, my experience was that great.

  3. julie M

    i definitely got a bang for my buck

  4. julie M

    Great Visual and easy on the stomach

  5. Jared C

    These are the best I
    i’ve had to date

  6. Claire F.

    Gave it to a friend as a birthday gift. She loves it!

  7. David

    Very happy with the Cuban stain for uplifting the mood. Dosing up to every other day, it’s been great to bring energy and clarity back into my daily life.

  8. Emilie

    I enjoyed these a lot.

  9. Jack D

    Efficient communication, fast shipping, quality product. Thanks!

  10. Noelle

    That was a fun trip! Everytime I looked at people, they seemed smaller! I laughed a lot! All my senses felt more developed too! I could hear people talking from so far away! And the taste… Not that bad!

  11. Jordan

    My new fave

  12. Derrick

    Came quickly – haven’t used these yet but looking forward to it

  13. Danny L

    Decent mushroom, but not my fav.

  14. Jeremy C

    Terrific buzz

  15. Bob W.

    Nice product, was easy on my stomach.

  16. Christian P

    Made for a swell time. The usual pleasant, but minor visuals backed by a degree of introspection.

  17. Tamara

    Order was quick. Product was excellent. Packaging was discreet.

  18. Jay

    Fantastic trip, highly recommended!

  19. Kyle D.

    fun times

  20. Chris Matula

    Good spiritual experience! It is also great for creativity and imagination! I even had nice visuals for a long time with only 1g! Not the most appealing and it has a strong taste too, but I definitely love this one!

  21. admin

    Good for socializing in a small group.

  22. admin

    Had a few great nights with friends, great quality for sure and arrived in 2 days!!

  23. admin


  24. admin

    These tasted worse then usual but we’re a great time!

  25. admin

    Microdosed for a chill time

  26. admin

    Good product

  27. admin

    I wouldn’t say they were fantastic but I would say they be good for Microdosing. To go on a good trip I choose something different for next time. Many stems only two caps.

  28. admin

    Will be my first choice from my order haven’t tried them yet.

  29. admin

    Thrasher was my first experience on shrooms/psychedelics and I loved it! Amazing visuals eyes closed of a forever morphing digitalized world, synched to the music I was playing, and where playful and benevolent jesters lived and spoke to me (3.5g). Same trip twice, second time with friends who experienced the same. Definitely recommend.

  30. admin

    Took 2.5 g. I experienced intense effect for about 4 hours.

  31. admin

    Nice experience

  32. admin

    Great product!! Very impressed with the entire bag being full stems and caps, not dust particles and baby caps/stems like other companies!! Def will be making this site my go2!!

  33. admin


  34. admin

    Wow these were crazy! Normally I do golden teachers and have to take 2.5-4 grams to get cruising. I did 1 cap of these and was tripping for hours!
    My friend didn’t have the most pleasant experience, she experienced ‘wood lovers paralysis.’ her entire body completely stopped working for an hour. Luckily she laughed the entire time, but it was very scary waiting for it to end.
    Over all, I highly recommend! Just be prepared and definitely do not do them alone!

  35. admin

    Pricing is the only issue , actual value is no more than $250/OZ

  36. admin

    They did the job, not potent enough for me though

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