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Orissa India mushrooms for sale Colorado. Orissa, sometimes known as Orissa India, is a cultivated strain of Psilocybe cubensis, one of the world’s most popular hallucinogenic mushroom species. Orissa is, in fact, from India, where it was discovered as a natural variation in the wild. It grows well in elephant dung and can yield incredibly huge mushrooms. And no one seems to know anything else about it; site after site simply repeats those few talking points.

Where to buy Orissa India mushrooms online Fairmount CO. Fortunately, a great deal is known about P. cubensis in general. A medium-sized gilled mushroom with a light brown cap is typical. Until the gills are ready to release spores, a partial veil covers them.  Click here to know more!

Provided the mushroom really is Psilocybe cubensis, eating it is a relatively safe way to trip, but mild side effects, such as nausea or excessive yawning, are typical. More severe problems, notably anxiety, which can be intense, are not uncommon. Worse problems are rare but possible. It’s important that users pay attention to safety, taking care not to take too much, and having a trusted sober friend on hand to provide any necessary support.

And speaking of safety, it’s important for users to become familiar with applicable drug laws for their area, since psilocybin in illegal in many jurisdictions, and going to prison is seldom a good trip.

buy Orissa India mushroom now.  Most people associate “shrooms,” “magic mushrooms,” and other such phrases with Psilocybe cubensis, but the terms can also refer to other hallucinogenic mushroom species, both those that contain psilocybin, the same “active ingredient” as Psilocybe  cubensis, and a few Amanita species that contain moscimol instead and thus provide a very different experience.

The Effects of Orissa shrooms & magic mushrooms for sale.

Orissa is known as a very physical strain; some people like the heavy body buzz, others do not. Visuals are often intense.

Dosage & buy magic mushrooms – magic mushroom grow kit.

Dosage for any Psilocybe cubensis appears to be more difficult than many people believe.  However, strength varies from mushroom to mushroom, even within the same strain, and user sensitivity varies as well. It’s usually advisable to start with microdosing and work your way up.

Having said that, if you want to try and find a dose that works for you, consult our general magic mushroom dosage guide. You can also use our magic mushroom dosage calculator, which allows you to select from six dosage levels, including microdose and heroic dose.

Lemon Tek and Shroom Tea are popular methods of consumption in Orissa India.


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35 reviews for Orissa India mushrooms

  1. Andrea W

    Loved the visuals

  2. Kevin

    I can’t rate the strength because iI only bought a small amount.

  3. Matthew

    These were mellow and euphoric perfect for a chill night with a friend!

  4. Brian D

    Great for micro-dosing. Great to give energy in the cold. Suppresses appetite and then major munchies toward end of high. Thoughts are very profound, patient with peace and such understanding. People not even taking doses are getting high by means of watching people who have taken the mushrooms… VERY powerful and to be respected by dosing smaller! Always have some before any important debate! Had lots of fun with myself skating really far and full speed by the light of the moon -the ice is 9 inches thick in at the lakes here already! 😉 Thanks for great mushrooms.

  5. Chris Matula

    Very nice buzz . Similar to Albino Louisiana.

  6. Luke

    Zenitude total

  7. Harry

    Very nice experience!

  8. Nicole F

    I enjoyed these very much

  9. Nicole F

    capsules are easier , but this was okay

  10. Alicia

    Excellent high. Most people say that they see things like breathing but I’m a simulated reality guy and I say it’s the flow of the light energy that you witness. Plus I closed my eyes and seen the all seeing eye. 👁️

  11. Jennifer S

    Kind of funky tasting but get you high

  12. Daniel

    I feel much better with my anxiety now after order from this website, nice products and prices

  13. Kurtis

    Nice medicine…easy come up and gentle ride

  14. Amy O

    Was ok

  15. Danielle L.

    Good high!

  16. Benoit


  17. briandebortoli

    Had a blast on a 5gram dose, went to a star observatory and took off 12am came back to earth just in time to watch a beautiful sunset on a calm down. Will order once I finish my batch!

  18. Jordon B


  19. Simon

    Very good trips, very uplifting and not overwhelming

  20. Jeremy

    Excellent mushrooms

  21. admin

    Works good

  22. admin

    3.5 g- very fun.

  23. admin

    it did nothing except waste my money no effect at all

  24. admin

    All things mushrooms. Definitely worth a stop when in the historic little town of Kennett Square. Staff was delightful, too.

  25. admin

    Better than average potency and helps with my Lyme symptoms.

  26. admin

    Rocked my socks off!

  27. admin

    Great stuff. Nice and potent!

  28. admin

    Incroyable l’aventure qu’un 3.5 m’a procurer

  29. admin

    i took 1.42 grams at 7pm and now it’s 12:40am. my trip is almost done. it was the best trip ever. i felt the presence of some sort of beings and they made me feel so loved and welcomed, i can’t explain how good these beings made me feel, i also saw lots of patterns on the wall and floor and faces that were smiling, laughing and sticking their tongue at me loll. they answered some questions i had as well. thank you and thank you to psychedelics haha.

  30. admin

    can’t talk much of the joy

  31. admin

    These are lovely and not too intense. Just perfect and good vibes.

  32. admin

    Not my cup of tea… I like to trip balls..

  33. admin

    Great but not the best strain

  34. admin

    I was very happy with my purchase

  35. admin

    I have yet to try these but it was delivered exceptionally fast, and with the other mushrooms tried, fantastic results.

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