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Purple Mystics Cubensis Magic Mushrooms Spores from Colorado.

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buy purple mystic mushrooms in Derby Colorado. Mushrooms are typically offered dried, but this is not always the case. Keep in mind that dose varies greatly for fresh material.

Because Amazonian mushrooms are extremely strong, doses must be smaller than for most other strains.

Having said that, if you want to try and find a dose that works for you, consult our general magic mushroom dosage guide. You can also use our magic mushroom dosage calculator, which allows you to select from six dosage levels, including microdose and heroic dose.

Identification and Description | where to buy shrooms.|psilocybe dosage

Cap: Medium-size, bell-shaped when young, becoming nearly flat with age. Reddish to golden brown, often with a purple tinge. Very young specimens have a partial veil that soon ruptures. Veil remnants on the cap edge are lost not long after. Interior flesh is white but bruises bluish-green.
Gills: Attached either broadly or narrowly. Grayish-purple when young, becoming almost black as the spores mature.
Stem: Thin, often long, yellowish but bruising bluish, hollow. The stem ring is purplish-brown from the spores that fall on it.
Spores: Not quite elliptical.
Spore Print: Dark, purplish brown.
Habitat: The strain was found growing on cow dung, but will also eat horse dug and can be cultivated on a variety of substrates.

In general, Purple Mystic is a typical-looking cube except for the purplish tinge, which not all specimens have.

Look-alikes of mystic shrooms | psilocybe semilanceata liberty cap

Because Purple Mystic is a cultivated strain, avoiding look-alikes is less of a concern. That being said, it looks very much like most other cube strains and many magics of other speciesand not a few other species that are either culinary or, in some cases, seriously poisonous. Being familiar with how cultivated shrooms look is definitely not adequate qualification to pick them in the wild as there are many species out there that differ only subtly from this one. You need solid ID skills.

The Effects of purple mystic mushrooms in Gypsum Colorado.

Whether the effects actually differ from one cube strain to the next is debatable. Certainly some people claim that they do, but it seems unlikely. Certainly, psilocybin trips can vary for so many reasons other than the strain (dosage, the user’s sensitivity, mindset, and setting), that any distinctive quality each strain might have is likely overwhelmed. In any case, no one seems to be claiming any specific characteristics for a Purple Mystic trip.

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It alters, or at least exaggerates, you mood, changes your thinking at least temporarily, and, at higher doses, causes hallucinations, just like all other cubes. What shape all this alteration takes depends largely on you.

Potency and Dosage – psilocybe mexicana.

We have not been able to track down reliable information on the potency of this strain. The person who initially worked to popularize Purple Mystic mushrooms  has claimed that it is the most potent cube strain in existence, but that has not been independently confirmed and may not be accurate, and where to buy shrooms.

Proper psilocybin dosage is critical, both because the size of the dose determines the intensity of the experience and because potentially severe side effects become more common as the dose grows. And knowing the potency is essential for determining the correct dose. When the potency is uncertain, the best chance is to acquire a large lot, powder it, and thoroughly combine it. Then experiment with a very little amount of the powder to see what occurs. Increase gradually until you achieve the desired effects, and then you’ll know what dose to use for the balance of the batch.

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33 reviews for Purple Mystic mushroom

  1. Sage P.

    Not bad, Just the prices

  2. Isaiah E.

    Amazing product. Very nice body high, with fun visuals.

  3. Glenn C.

    Was ok, Like i ordered and the delivery was on time as stated

  4. Nicole L.

    Very tactile…super fun!

  5. Stephen

    Great product, “ travelled to Neptune and back!”🤩

  6. Alex G

    Good product if your looking for that good old high you always remember from mushrooms as a teenager.

  7. Rodrigo

    These mushroom provide a great trip. Highly recommended.

  8. Denys K.

    Loved em

  9. Allison S.

    Good dispensary. i love the products

  10. Curtis H

    will order again

  11. Domie C

    Pleasant experience, lots of laughs and very relaxing

  12. Blair M

    I’m a frequent user, generally around 2-4gs and THESE gave me wild geometric patterns while in the park during the day. Also, a general sense to stop caring so much and just exist, live, love 🙂

  13. Jessica

    Decent lasting effect

  14. Lindsy

    Good mushrooms had a very good experience with friends

  15. Terence T

    Good times were had by all

  16. kyle M

    I found these weak

  17. Sean

    Loved the trip, and visual effects mostly, quality is amazing.

  18. admin

    It’s perfect!

  19. admin

    not enough tops

  20. admin

    Very good quality!

  21. admin

    Not a huge fan of these I enjoy penis envey and golden teacher more. That’s just me though no my vibe.

  22. admin

    Awesome shroom. I use for microdosing.

  23. admin

    Nice mushrooms, I will order again

  24. admin

    Très bien

  25. admin


  26. admin

    Gives me bad gut rot for the first hour

  27. admin

    Three of us tried them from 2 grams to 3.5. We were Only comfortable in horizontal position and all our aches and pains were exaggerated 10 fold.
    Not for social situations!

  28. admin

    Sorry just find the strain weak.
    Had lots of experience.
    Great service

  29. admin

    These are a strong and great product

  30. admin

    Thanks for bailing me out of a severe quarantine exacerbated depression. A seriously great service.

  31. admin

    Awesome as always.

  32. Khasta Gull


  33. Ekeh Sofia

    Didn’t feel much but had a good night w Gf

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