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buy Ecuador psilocybe shrooms online Colorado USA.   Ecuador cubensis, sometimes known as the Ecuadorian magic mushroom, is a strain of the well-known psilocybin-containing fungus Psilocybe cubensis. The Ecuadorian cubensis appears to be physically and behaviorally identical to Psilocybe cubensis, possibly the most majestic of all Psilocybes. Both of these mushrooms are easily identified by their huge size, bell-shaped cap with golden color, well-formed and persistent ring, and bluing reaction of stem and veil upon bruising, as well as their preference for well-manured fields.

The fundamental distinction between Ecuador cubensis and other psilocybin mushroom species is the presence of psilocybin and psilocin. Ecuador cubensis is thought to be one of the most potent psilocybin-containing mushroom and buy magic mushroom spores online.

Ecuador shrooms for sale.  Unfortunately, the taxonomic history of the Ecuadorian strain is unknown, but Psilocybe cubensis was discovered by Spaniards during the colonial era and was taxonomically identified during the 1900s. The Ecuadorian cubensis is a considerably less well-known and cultivated strain, although it shares its ancestor’s hallucinogenicity and ease of growing.

Identification and Description | buy magic mushroom spores online.

As previously stated, the Ecuadorian cubensis strain is morphologically identical to Psilocybe cubensis. As a result, the identification and description of Psilocybe Cubensis also apply to Ecuador cubensis.

Psilocybe mushrooms can be difficult to distinguish from one another as well as from other related species such as Galerina, Hypholoma, and Stropharia. The greatest concern is misidentification and misunderstanding of this species with toxic species that seem similar. As a result, knowing the macroscopic and microscopic morphologic properties of the Ecuadorian psilocybe is critical for safety. It is also worth noting that the

The crown of this species measures 2 to 8cm in diameter. Initially, it is conical to bell-shaped with a center knob, or umbo. The cap, however, increases with maturity, becoming convex to widely convex and eventually flat-topped with or without the umbo. The cap of immature mushrooms is chestnut or cinnamon-brown, maturing to light or golden brown. When wet, the surface of the cap is viscid to smooth, but it dries quickly. The veil frequently leaves speckled remnants on the cap, which fade over time, leaving an overall smooth surface.
Flesh: When wounded or bruised, the flesh of this species, like that of other psilocybes, blues.

The Look-Alikes – buy magic mushroom spores online Clifton.

Sherrelwood colorado Ecuador psilocybin shrooms buying. Although Ecuador cubensis should be distinguished from other psilocybe-containing species as well as its nearly identical counterpart Psilocin subcubensis, the most crucial distinction must be established between this species and poisonous species that seem similar. Galerina autumnalis is one such species and buy magic mushrooms online usa, buy magic mushroom online.

The Potency Of Ecuador psilocybe Durango, CO.

On the psylometric scale, the Ecuadorian cubensis has a moderate to strong comparative potency.

The precise psilocin and psilocybin concentration of Ecuador cubensis is unknown.  Furthermore, it appears that mushrooms grown artificially are more potent than mushrooms harvested in the wild.

As it is evident, the potency of these mushrooms can be highly variable, and is, therefore, best to err on the side of caution and always start with small amounts. Remember you can always take more, but you can’t take less!

The Trip Effects Of Ecuador Shrooms In Colorado.

Ecuadorian cubensis trip effects include both subjective mental and objective bodily symptoms and indications. These effects normally emerge 20-30 minutes after administration and continue 6 to 8 hours, although they can last up to 12 to 24 hours.

Most users perceive the principal effects as enjoyable, involving the central nervous system (CNS). Unfortunately, some users may experience terrifying dysphoric reactions or “Bad trips” that can lead to extreme fear, psychosis, or sadness.

Objective physical signs of psilocybin ingestion can include increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, dry mouth, pupillary dilation, facial flushing, headache, vertigo, nausea, vomiting, sweating,  high body temperature, incoherent or inappropriate speech, and drowsiness along with facial paresthesias such as numbness.

The pharmacologic effects of Ecuador cubensis are not harmful or life-threatening when consumed in tiny dosages.

The use of psychoactive mushrooms should not be mixed with substances such as alcohol, cannabis, or amphetamines because these agents all have similar effects on a user’s mood, thought, and behavior, resulting in “exaggerated” effects that can be dangerous to the user.

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40 reviews for Ecuador cubensis mushrooms

  1. kylekerr

    I liked too

  2. Stephen

    potent and gentle

  3. Madeleine C

    Excellent product, clean

  4. Rhonda

    Soft and enjoyable

  5. Dena C

    Want to think about the things that make you, you 10-10

  6. Jeff Z

    Great product as always. Fast delivery.

  7. shawn

    A little expensive but the quality is there.

  8. Reid W

    Nothing to crazy, just a nice mello buzz. I had to eat about 1.5 grams before I felt anything but I’m 6’4 250#s

  9. Morgan


  10. Stacie B

    Super duper!

  11. Colie

    Amazing quality ! Me and 3 friends all agree that these are great visual shrooms! They hit harder even than Blue Meanies (Cyan) I got from a different site!

  12. Danny


  13. Mikhail P

    Little to no gut rot. Whole body high. Lots of laughs. Super fun!

  14. Kenneth

    Good…recommended. Nice buzz on a small dose

  15. Mark T

    Smooth and enjoyable

  16. Jeff Z

    I had to get a replacement, as the aztecorum sold out before my order could be processed

  17. Varon

    Good fun but have had better experiences with other strains. I mostly felt really relaxed and smiley (which was quite nice and refreshing).

  18. Johnson Hakman

    Easy to understand why it is the ‘sacred mushroom’ for the Aztec culture. Great trip

  19. Roy

    My bf and I took 3g each and found it was a very light trip. Not a lot of visuals nor physical sensations. Still enjoyed it but weaker than expected

  20. admin


  21. admin

    Quite tasty honestly.

  22. admin

    J’ai pris 2,1 et j’ai vécu un agréable voyage cosmique, très très bien!!

  23. admin

    This strain did not do its job. Take Blue Meanie instead.

  24. admin

    Was ok. I found it a bit weaker than the golden teachers

  25. admin

    A big kick and an happy tomorrow

  26. admin

    Nice smooth effect, positive and well-being

  27. admin

    Ive loved the revelations that I got from this one

  28. admin

    These scared me. Lol

  29. admin

    Nice strain for visuals

  30. admin

    Shared 3.5 g with my wife at a fire in the yard and enjoyed some nice visuals and had a long night of deep or what seemed to be deep discussions. Would definitely order again.

  31. admin

    Different buzz

  32. admin

    More of a drunk effect

  33. admin

    Not very visual, although they are extremely visionary! Great strain for exploring the depths of your psyche. I would rate them 5 stars, if I wasn’t cognizant of the fact that some users like the psychedelic visuals more than the spiritual, and mind expanding aspects that these mushrooms offer.

  34. admin

    Not my choice but they work with one use

  35. admin

    A mild trip

  36. admin

    Of the few strains I’ve tried, this is currently my favourite. I’ll be looking into more Central and South American strains in the future.

  37. admin

    Powerful stuff

  38. admin

    They were okay.

  39. admin

    This strain is quite the pleasure! Highly recommended 👌

  40. admin

    I like it

    I like it

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